No Name
On the basis of a simple realization, No Name make the sneaker world go crazy. At No Name label doesn’t shine, only the product does. The sneaker and its platform, often copied, gives women 5cm in height and a hell of french touch.


After studying fashion and design and a dynamic career full of multiple experiences in the fashion industry as an agent, I decided to launch my own showroom in July 2011 to embrace my passion for fashion and trends. I wanted to explore a new venture, to benefit from a highly flexible and rewarding opportunity.


FiveFashion Showroom is my fashion company & agency offering Belgian retailers a broad variety of trendy and evocative brands. I am currently representing accessories brands (Morobé, MOA, Sens Collection, July to June, Nilaï, IMaGiN Jewels and Lovely Day). My main focus is to provide a consistent and carefully selected array of merchandise. Indeed, my purpose is to sell anything useful to a concept store. The idea being that a consumer will resonate with the attitude and style of the store.

Our strenghts

The strengths of FiveFashion? The variety of our selection. Each piece has been selected because it comes up with a real interest. Over the years, I have developed a sharp know-how, a strong field knowledge and a great network. Thanks to my experience in the fashion industry I’m familiar with the shops expectations. My most precious assets are my clients, I value their trust and support and cherish them. Along with my sales services I can provide a wide network of experts covering all your other needs in PR, events or marketing.

Our values

I have always stand for brands that I believe in and I rely on unshakeable work ethics. I think that it is more than necessary in this tough and fast moving business, I would almost say that it is key to survive and succeed. Therefore, I have always sought honesty, loyalty and reliability in my partnerships. I never took any collaboration for granted, I am a workaholic who believes in merit and perseverance.

My description wouldn’t be complete without mentioning my blog/Instagram (@blondiemarket), Blondie Market. Over the course of my life, Iíve embraced a number of different hobbies but none of them have changed my life or brought me as much satisfaction as blogging. I started BlondieMarket with one of my best friend Charlotte, also a huge fashion addict! I hope you’ll enjoy our universe, our outfits and lifestyle whereabouts!


If you have any questions or need additional information, please call us or email us. We’re all ears !
Avenue Latérale 3
1180 Uccle, Brussels, Belgium